• Genevieve Noyce

AGU 2021

Updated: Jan 4

Attending AGU this year? Check out these talks and posters with data from SMARTX and GENX.

Tuesday, 14 Dec, 09:05-09:15 EST

Pat Megonigal - B21C-01: Plant Trait Regulation of Methane Emissions from Coastal Wetlands

Wednesday, 15 Dec, 13:46-13:56 EST

Genevieve Noyce - B33B-01: Plant-Microbe-Climate Interactions Drive Coastal Wetland Methane Emissions

Wednesday, 15 Dec, 17:00-19:00 EST

Teri O’Meara - B35F-1487: Modelling the effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on plant-soil interactions in terrestrial aquatic interfaces.

Friday, 17 Dec, 17:00-19:00 EST

Cyd Meléndez-Muñoz - B55D-1232: The influence of elevated temperature and carbon dioxide on salt marsh plant communities.


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